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How does TrainSet Work?

Step 1. Register. It won’t take much time! Just insert your login and email.
Step 2. Receive the credentials for Jypiter. Jypiter is a tool that data scientists use in their work. We will automatically sign you up so that you wouldn’t have to.
Step 3. Open the project. Click on any project you like and you will be automatically sent to Jypiter. There you will find all the instructions and coding space.


Level 1
Heart Disease Prediction

About this course

Learn to predict the possibility of heart disease with popular ML tools. Accessible for beginners.

Level 3
Time Series Forecasting

About this course

The stock market goes up and down in a blink. Keep an eye on market fluctuations with the help of data science. For medium to advanced learners.

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About us

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TrainSet is a community of engineers and data scientists passionate about learning. Our team has hands-on experience working for leading tech companies. And we are ready to share it with you.

Here you will find real enterprise-level cases. We broke them down into easy-to-learn chunks: even a beginner can kick off learning ML with TrainSet.

Less theory, more practice.

We are convinced: anyone can become a data scientist. Background doesn’t matter ― as long as you do what you love.

We are here to help. Join TrainSet to start cracking data science cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science?

Artificial intelligence is a scientific field that tries to get computers to learn, reason, and create. Machine learning is one of the sub-fields of AI. It uses algorithms to enable computers to learn on their own and improve their performance through experience. Finally, data science is a field that cares, first and foremost, about the data that you input into the algorithms. Data scientists collect, sort, and analyze this data that machines can use to learn about reality and solve complicated tasks.

How do I start with artificial intelligence/machine learning/data science?

Before you start with AI/ML/DS, you need to get some basic knowledge of what computer programming is and how it works. There are many good courses in free access online that you can use to build your knowledge. They talk about general notions such as memory, data structures, algorithms, functions, and so on. After that, you can start familiarizing yourself with the theory of AI. Along with theory, start practicing! The earlier you learn at least one programming knowledge, the better. And TrainSet will help you!

Do I need to have a technical background?

‘One needs to have a degree in math, computer science, or engineering to be a data scientist’... is nothing more but a myth. The truth is that if you’re motivated and eager to learn, nothing can stop you! However, to work in data science you will probably have to learn a lot of new things, especially if you have never worked in a similar field before. So be ready for that :)

Where do I start on TrainSet if I’m a complete beginner?

We made sure that even if you’re a complete beginner, you will still find TrainSet useful. We recommend you start with the Car Price Prediction project. And if need be, ask any questions in Slack!

I have some experience in programming. Can I still use TrainSet?

Of course! While our platform is meant for the education of junior/middle data scientists, we also tried to include more advanced tasks in many of our cases. Therefore, if you already know how to program or have some experience with data science, you can still practice on TrainSet.

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